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Easy Igbo is an educational tech program created to assist those desirous of learning the beautiful Igbo language. Spoken by over well over 20 million people, Igbo is a language of many MANY dialects, however our lessons here will primarily focus on the most common dialect, Central Igbo. With our mission being to promote and preserve language spoken by those within the African diaspora, we hope you decide to start your own journey with us today. Through collaboration with many talented educators, linguists, tutors, and everyday native speakers, our interactive learning environment will provide tools for all.

About the Founder

Ndeewo! My name is Jeremiah Chika Ike, and I am the founder of Easy Igbo. A first generation Nigerian-American born to proud Igbo parents, I unfortunately was never taught my great Igbo language growing up, however my curiosity and desire always existed. With the influence of a colleague, I made the conscious decision as an adult to do what I could to understand the language, yet from the outset of my quest I quickly realized the severe lack of online educational resources dedicated to Igbo. Something had to be done, and this is it! I hope you enjoy my efforts, and welcome any and all suggestions.

Join Our Mission!

We here at Easy Igbo are privileged to help showcase and preserve the language and ideas of many in the West African region, yet only with your support can we ensure our platform will continue to assist and enlighten for years to come. Please feel free to support our mission in any way, as no contribution is too small, and all are greatly appreciated.

Contributions will focus on:
1. creation, upkeep, and maintenance of the site (50-60%)
2. marketing and promotional tools (15%)
2. pay our many contracted linguists and translators in West Africa and beyond (10%)
3. expand on Sustainable and Agricultural efforts in Nigeria initially, and eventually throughout West Africa and beyond (10%)
4. invest in African think tanks, intellectual hubs, and crowdfunding efforts, as an investment in our future is of utmost importance (5-10%)

Daalu/Thank you!

Jeremiah Chika Ike, Esq.